12th August, 1997, music giant Gulshan Kumar was brutally killed by being shot incessantly by three anonymous men. The news of Gulshan Kumar's death shook the foundation of the Indian film industry when the police exposed the involvement of music director Nadeem Khan and the underworld in this brutal murder. 16th January, 1997, the voice of mill workers, Dr. Dutta Sawant was shot dead outside his residence by a gang of anonymous men. 14th November, 2000, Neeta Nayak is shot dead outside her flat and the police uncover her husband's involvement behind this killing. 27th March, 2000, famous actress Piyarajvansh's murder exposes the hollowness of relationships in the glamour world and the ugly truth of illicit liaisons. Towards the end of this episode, the team of 'Crime Patrol' stages a shootout to see how the common man of Mumbai responds to the incident. Watch this episode to see how the accused of brutal killings were treated by the law of the land!