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Crime Patrol: Mother, paramour killed 4-year-old for money (Episode 550, 551 on 29th, 30th Aug, 2015)

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Ludhiana, Punjab - Nov, 25 2013

Police solve the murder mystery of a 4-year-old girl

Police have successfully solved the murder mystery of 4-year-old girl Manpreet Kaur, whose body was found in Alamgir village. Manpreet was kidnapped by her neighbour, Manoj Kumar, a labourer. The police have arrested Manoj Kumar and the deceased’s mother, Sunita, for their alleged involvement in the murder. As per the police investigation, the accused planned to extort Rs. 5 lakh from Manpreet’s father, but their plan went wrong, and they decided to eliminate Manpreet.

During the preliminary investigation, Manoj Kumar revealed that he and Sunita had murdered the girl child. The police officer, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP) City 1, Ludhiana Nilambari Jagdale, informed the media that both the accused had confessed to their crime. Manoj Kumar is originally from Kishanganj in Bihar, and he had been residing as a tenant at Sunita’s house in Amarpura area. The police officer revealed that with the passage of time, both of them got involved in an illicit relationship. When Sunita’s husband learned about their relationship, he turned Manoj out of the house.

Later, Sunita told her husband that she wanted to leave him and live with Manoj, but her husband did not agree. Both Sunita and Manoj made a plan to extort money from the deceased’s father, following which Manoj kidnapped Manpreet on November 23, 2013. After the police started investigating the kidnapping case, the accused decided to eliminate Manpreet. Finally, Manoj took Manpreet to Alamgir, drowned her in a pond, and dumped her body on a vacant plot. The body of the girl child was recovered on Sunday.

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