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Crime Patrol: Witness to Uzbek dancer’s murder also killed, say Delhi cops (Dial 100, Episode 59 on 31st Dec, 2015)
Crime Patrol: Mumbai crime: Three arrested for kidnapping baby (Episode 599, 600 on 26th, 27th Dec, 2015))
Crime Patrol: American tourist gang-raped in northern India (Dial 100 Episode 57 on 29th Dec, 2015)
Crime Patrol: School boy abducted and killed by friends (Dial 100 Episode 56 on 28th Dec, 2015)
Crime Patrol: नेता जी की लव स्‍टोरी और एक हैरतअंगेज कत्‍ल (Episode 596, 597 on 19th, 20th December, 2015)
Crime Patrol: Botad gangrape victim gives birth to child, govt to take care of newborn (Episode 592, 593, 594 on 11, 12, 13 December, 2015)
Crime Patrol Dial 100: Cops Rescue 9 year old girl from abusive stepmom (Episode 41 - 10th December, 2015)
Crime Patrol Dial 100: Triple murder case detected in 12 hours (Episode 40 on 9th December, 2015)
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