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Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind: Story of an obsessed lover lance naik Satbeer Rawat (Episode 9 on 30th Dec 2012)
Crime Patrol: Retired police inspector held for daughter's murder (Episode 196, 197 on 29th, 30th Dec 2012)
Crime Patrol: 21-year-old Goan kills himself after MMS clip goes viral (Episode 195 on 21st Dec 2012)
Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind: Indian girl kills father and brother over love affair dispute (Episode 8 on 23rd Dec 2012)
Crime Patrol: Brother solves Gurgaon hit and run (Episode 193, Episode 194 on 21st, 22nd Dec 2012)
Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind: Absconding criminal held (Episode 6 on 16th Dec 2012)
Shaitan - A Criminal Mind: Inside story of the case (Episode 5 on 15th Dec 2012)
Crime Patrol: Mumbai: Black magic, money dispute behind Panvel murders (Episode 191, 192 on 15-16 Dec 2012)
Crime Patrol: Siblings found dead in Kasara ghat in Maharashtra (Episode 190 on 14th Dec 2012)
Crime Patrol: Bangalore girl smilingly admits to killing fiancee, arrested (Episode 188, 189 on 8th-9th Dec 2012)
Crime Patrol: Child’s essay reveals domestic violence against mother (Episode 187 on 7th Dec 2012)
Shaitan - A Criminal Mind: Youth kills father, stepmother, abducts stepbrother (Episode 2 on 2 Dec 2012)
Crime Patrol: Jilted Mumbai film producer throws acid at his girlfriend in Mumbai (Episode on 30 Nov 2012)
Shaitaan- A Criminal Mind: Mohammad Saleem Kuraishi A Serial Killer killed over 250 people (Episode 1 on 1st Dec 2012)
Crime Patrol: Woman, paramour arrested for murder of mother-in-law (Episode 184 on 30th Nov 2012)
Crime Patrol: Kidnapped Amritsar boy killed - Five Arrested (Episode 182 on 24 Nov 2012)
Crime Patrol: Runaway boy cannot recall where he spent 13 days (Episode 181 on 23rd Nov 2012)
Crime Patrol: Naresh Sharma gets himself murdered to claim insurance money (Episode 179, 180 on 17th, 18th Nov 2012)
Crime Patrol: "Speak Asia" - a online survey company penalist commits suicide (Episode 178 on 16th Nov 2012)
Crime Patrol: Teen pushed into flesh trade rescued, parents arrested (Episode 176, 177 on 9th and 10th Nov 2012)
Crime Patrol: Unidentified Persons Attack Women in Kanpur District (Episode 174, 175 on 3, 4 Nov 2012)
Crime Patrol: Teacher fakes his abduction, murder to teach wife a lesson (Episode 173 on 2nd Nov 2012)
Crime Patrol: Navraj Kwatra murder case: Police recovers pornographic CDs. Probing ‘sex angle’ (Episode 171 on 27th Oct)
Crime Patrol: Man steals from employer, killed by friends for booty (Episode 170 on 26th Oct 2012)
‘Saini resorted to blackmailing, had illicit ties with my wife’- Say Doctor (Episode 168 on 19th Oct 2012)
Crime Patrol: Tailor's tag helps rural police solve murder case (Episode 166, 167 on 13-14 Oct 2012)
Crime Patrol: 2 kill sister-in-law for dead brother's railway job (Episode 165 on 12 Oct 2012)
Crime Patrol: Kaap maha panchayat against Kishan and Keval (Episode 164 on 6th, 7th Oct 2012)
Crime Patrol: Techie steals Rs 49L from 3 bank accounts in Chennai (Episode 162 on 05 Oct 2012)
Crime Patrol: Two daredevils turn daily wagers (Episode 160 on 28th Sep 2012)
Crime Patrol: Diamond thief walks into web honeytrap (Episode 159 on 24 Sep 2012)
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