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Crime Patrol: Foul murder case of a 5th Class Student in Bind (M.P.) (Episode 71 on 30 Dec 2011)

The Inside Story

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Warden orders senior inmate to throw 9-year-old boy off hostel roof

A CCTV installed at the hostel premises in Bhind district helped police to unravel a tragic incident where a nine-year-old boy was thrown off the roof by his senior inmate on the warden's order. The class five student died. The warden had promised the class 10 boy 80% marks in the final exams if he threw the boy off the roof. The incident took place at the hostel of Scholars Public School on November 27.

Gaurav Gupta, a class five student, was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Initially, police thought that Gaurav had fallen to his death accidentally. Later, the examination of CCTV installed at the hostel premises revealed the shocking story. During interrogation, the accused revealed to police that he was instructed to throw Gaurav off the roof by his warden Ashok Singh. Ashok Singh and the teenaged accused have been arrested on charges of murder and conspiracy.

Gaurav had complained against the warden to his parents after being beaten up badly over silly mischief. The warden feared action from the school over injury marks on Gaurav and decided to eliminate him by fabricating the case as an accident. The motive behind the murder of the young child is not clear. "We would be taking the accused on police remand for more details," said Bhind Superintendent of Police (SP) Anurag.

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  1. Anonymous21:10

    very very bad incident. i really shocked to see the video footage on u tube. The child murderer inspite of juvenile must be orderd hang till death along with the warden.

    Advocate Sourabh C Gupta,
    Nagpur High Court,

  2. Anonymous13:44

    not sure about the juvenile; he may be brain washed: but the warden needs to be hanged.


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