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Crime Patrol: Delhi Man Killed His Girlfriend, Hid Her Corpse And Married Another Woman (Episode 652 on 1st May, 2016)

New Delhi, India

Love Story Gone Wrong: A Tragic End to a Young Life

Arzoo Singh Chauhan, a final-year student, and Naveen Khatri, her 23-year-old neighbor, were in love and wanted to marry. However, their families disapproved, and they had to part ways. But Khatri moved on while Chauhan didn't. Last Tuesday, an altercation broke out between them, and Khatri allegedly strangled Chauhan with a shawl, resulting in her death.

Khatri panicked and unsuccessfully tried to burn the body. He then left the body in his car overnight and later hid it in a ventilation shaft in his house. Two days later, he got married, while guests teased him about his strange behavior of spraying perfume to hide the stench of the decomposing body.

When investigators caught up with Khatri and detained him at the airport, he claimed that Singh had been pressuring him to marry her against their families' wishes and even claimed that she was pregnant. However, the preliminary autopsy report revealed that she was not pregnant, and she had indeed died of asphyxiation.

Police suspect the involvement of Khatri's father, a murder convict, in hiding Singh's body. The investigation is ongoing.

Chauhan's parents had filed a missing complaint when she didn't return home, which led to Khatri's arrest. The tragic end to Chauhan's life is a stark reminder of the dangers of obsessive love and the need for family approval.

It is heartbreaking to see such a young life cut short due to a failed love story. Our thoughts and condolences go out to Chauhan's family and friends.

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