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Crime Patrol: BJP leader's sister drugged, abandoned at AIIMS (Episode 48 on 8th October 2011)

The Inside Story

BJP Leader's Sister Drugged and Abandoned at AIIMS in Delhi

Senior Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party leader Harsh Vardhan's sister was allegedly tricked into consuming several sleeping pills by her daughter-in-law, Reena, and abandoned outside AIIMS in an unconscious state, police said on Tuesday. Reena, who is married to Asha Singhal's son, was arrested following investigations into a missing person report filed by Asha Singhal herself on August 24. After Asha fell unconscious, Reena rented a car and took her to various hospitals before abandoning her at the gate of AIIMS. A security guard at AIIMS, who saw the woman lying unconscious near the gate, took her inside and got her admitted. According to the official, Reena had allegedly taken 60-year-old Asha to Model Hospital, GTB Hospital, and Saibaba Hospital before abandoning her outside AIIMS.

The incident highlights the growing instances of domestic violence and abuse against women in India. The victim's own family member allegedly drugging and abandoning her is a shocking reminder of the need for women's safety and security. The police have acted swiftly in arresting the accused and investigating the matter, but it is a reminder of the need for better awareness and prevention of such crimes.

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