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Crime Patrol: Boy spends one year in jail for stealing Rs 200 (Episode 113 on 25 May 2012)

The Inside Story

Boy Jailed for a Year for Theft of Rs 200 Finally Convicted and Released from Tihar Jail

Shamsuddin Fakruddin, a 19-year-old boy from Bahraich district in Uttar Pradesh, was finally released from Tihar Jail after being convicted of theft. Shamsuddin was accused of stealing Rs 200 from a complainant and was charged under sections 379 (theft) and 411 (dishonestly keeping stolen property) of the IPC. Despite his alleged crime typically carrying a sentence of three months, Shamsuddin was denied bail and remained in judicial custody for a year. He was granted bail three months ago but did not have the Rs 10,000 in property needed for a bail bond.

Shamsuddin maintains that he did not commit any theft and that the wallet in his pocket was his own. The Human Rights Law Network, an NGO that fights human rights cases and represents the poor pro bono, met Shamsuddin in Tihar Jail and started representing him. However, Shamsuddin's family could not be located, and he did not have property or savings that he could show as collateral against the Rs 10,000 bail bond. So, he was forced to remain in judicial custody.

Shamsuddin changed his initial not-guilty plea to a guilty plea when he learnt that his father had passed away two days ago. The magistrate convicted him and ordered his release. Unfortunately, Shamsuddin's case is not rare. HRLN is currently handling 17 other cases of petty theft where the accused is between 18-22 years old and has been in jail for over a year.

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  1. Anonymous09:23

    wow he spent 1 year in jail for damn 200rup. And as hole gov stills millions and nothing happen to them. Stupid Country

  2. Anonymous23:46

    Wtf is wrong with our contry!? Stealing only 200/- isnt enough to sending someone in jail for one f***ing year! I know it isnt polices fault nor that guys and our goverment but all i know is it isnt fair!!

  3. andha kanoon hi nhi.epesode shows sara system ,hi andha h..200 k lie agar saja ek sal h to Rs 17,50,00,00,00,000 ka to 2g ghotala h.or v bhut han. etni saja k lie to in currupted netao ko lakh janam lene padenge. Shame on such system, people governing it,shame on india.mera bharat bas naam ka MAHAN.....

  4. Anonymous10:31

    200 Rs ka case karne vale ko batao ke usme wo khud itna honest hai to ye itne scam karte hai unpe case kare

  5. Anonymous23:37

    Where is the boy? Is he ok! M not a social worker, but would like to meet the boy.

  6. Anonymous16:51

    police ko sharm nahin hai rahi baat magistrate ki vo andha hi nahin ve akal ve soch nirdayee tha

  7. Anonymous00:03

    why has video of this case deleted


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