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Crime Patrol: Killed journalist plotted kidnap, say MP police (Episode 115, 116 on 1, 2 Jun 2012)

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The Inside Story

Journalist Chandrika Rai and Family Murder Case Solved by Special Task Force in Umaria, Madhya Pradesh

The Special Task Force (STF) has solved the mystery behind the sensational murder of journalist Chandrika Rai and his family in Umaria, Madhya Pradesh, following the arrest of five persons who were allegedly involved in the kidnapping of a PWD officer’s son. The accused murdered Chandrika on suspicion that he was in possession of the ransom money given by SDO for his son’s release. They attacked Chandrika with iron rods and other heavy objects, killing him on the spot. After killing Rai, the accused eliminated his wife and two children to ensure no witnesses were left.

“It’s clear that these five were involved in kidnapping and the murder, but whether or not Chandrika was involved is yet to be confirmed. We cannot simply rely on what these criminals claim,” said a police officer. Investigation is still on to collect corroborative evidence. The STF has reached the murder site and visited the house of the slain journalist before leaving for Nourojabad in connection with the incident.

A three-member fact-finding team of the Press Council of India (PCI) would investigate the murders and submit a report to the council at the earliest. The council sought the cooperation of the state authorities on behalf of its team. “The Madhya Pradesh authorities are being requested to give all cooperation to this committee so that it can discharge its duties effectively,” the statement said.

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