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Crime Patrol: ‘Fiance killed MBA student for old love’ (Episode 2 on April 30 2011)

The Inside Story

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Fiancé Murders MBA Student to Pursue Former Girlfriend

In a disturbing turn of events, the police have revealed that a 22-year-old MBA student named Priyanka Veniram, whose body was discovered in a sewer near Nirma University on October 24, was murdered by her fiancé, Mahendra Sadhu. The motive behind the heinous act, as confessed by the suspect, was his desire to reunite with his former love rather than marry Priyanka.

Mahendra Sadhu, a civil engineering student at L J Institute of Engineering and son of former Chandlodia Nagarpalika President Chandu Sadhu, had been in a relationship with his former classmate during their time in Class XII. However, they broke up, and the girl moved to Dubai to live with her parents. Meanwhile, Mahendra became engaged to Priyanka in April 2009, as their families were well-acquainted.

About a month ago, Mahendra reconnected with his old flame, who had returned to Gujarat during Navaratri. It was during this time that Mahendra changed his mind about marrying Priyanka. In collaboration with his college friend, Hardik Gohel, they devised a plan to kill Priyanka. The police have recovered the car, cushion, and sedatives used in the crime. Mahendra admitted that they had purchased a cushion, bottled water, and sedatives from a local store in Ahmedabad on October 21, while they waited for Priyanka to return from college. They lured Priyanka away from a shopping mall and proceeded to execute their plan.

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