This case is of a girl named Poonam who lived in Gujrat, Ahemdabad and studied in Gandhinagar. She was engaged to Mayur. On 21st Nov, 2010 Poonam goes missing. Poonam and her friends were together till highway. She spoke lie to her family members. Police finds Poonam's dead body. Poonam's fiance was extremely shocked. Police doubts on Mayur. Is Mayur the unknown killer?
What will happen when Poonam's family members will come to know that Mayur killed Poonam? Will police succeed in trapping Mayur?

The inside Story
Ahmedabad, Sat Oct 30 2010
Priyanka Veniram, the MBA student whose body was found in a sewer near Nirma University on October 24, was murdered by her fiance Mahendra Sadhu, the police claimed on Friday, adding the suspect had confessed to the killing since he did not want to marry her and wanted to reunite with his old love instead.

According to police, Sadhu, a civil engineering student at the L J Institute of Engineering and son of Chandu Sadhu, former President of Chandlodia Nagarpalika, was in love with his former classmate when he was in Class XII. Later, they broke off after which the girl left for Dubai to live with her parents. Sadhu, in the meantime, got engaged to Priyanka in April, 2009 as their families knew each other well.

About a month ago, Sadhu once again got in touch with his old love, who had come to Gujarat during Navaratri, said police. It seems Sadhu changed his mind and he no more wanted to marry Priyanka, they said, adding he along with his college friend Hardik Gohel hatched the plan to kill Priyanka. The police said they have recovered the car, cushion and sedatives used in the crime. According to them, Sadhu had admitted that he and his friend had purchased a cushion, some bottled water and some sedatives from the National Handloom near Vyaswadi area of Ahmedabad on October 21 while they were waiting for Priyanka to return from the college. They picked up Priyanka from Agarwal Mall at Sola, where she usually parked her vehicle to commute in the college bus. Sadhu told her that they would go for a drive and he would drop her in a few hours.

Priyanka called her brother around 5.30 pm, telling him she would be late to home as she was studying in the college library.

Sadhu, police said, gave Priyanka some water laced with sedatives to drink, rendering her unconscious. The three then drove towards Drive-in Cinema and suffocated the girl with the cushion on the way. From there, they came back on the S G Highway and threw away her body in a sewer. They took care to throw her belongings at different places and then rejoined their friends later in the evening at their daily haunt in Shastrinagar so as not to raise any suspicion.

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Mahendra Sadhu (circled right) killed Priyanka (below) so he could marry former girlfriend he had met again on Facebook
Mahendra Sadhu (circled right) killed Priyanka (below) so he could marry former girlfriend he had met again on Facebook
Five days after a 22-year-old girl’s body was found in a soakpit near Gota Circle, the police arrested her fiancé and his childhood friend for murder. Mahendra Sadhu, 22, and Hardik Gohil had drugged Priyanka Ramanuj, strangled her and thrown her body in soakpit on October 21.

Mahendra allegedly committed the crime as he had rekindled his affair with a former girlfriend and wanted to marry her.

The Local Crime Branch (Ahmedabad Rural) and the Rapid Response Cell had found clues after trawling through Mahendra’s Facebook account and stumbling on a suspicious message he sent to his friend Kunal. When they confronted Mahendra, he broke down and confessed his crime.

Superintendent of Police (Ahmedabad Rural) Sandeep Singh said, “We were sure Priyanka had not committed suicide. We were working on three points: She was killed, the guilty was close to her and there was more than one person involved.”

During probe, the police found that Mahendra had met his ex-girlfriend during Navratri. “This made us suspicious. We found that Mahendra had an affair with Disha Dave while they were studying in Class 12 (Science). In January 2009, they broke up. Disha and her parents settled in Dubai. Mahendra changed his cellphone soon after the incident.”

Seeing his son so heart-broken, builder Chandu Sadhu decided to get him married. He approached his chief engineer Chandrakant Ramanuj whose daughter Priyanka had broken her engagement with a doctor a while ago. A year ago, Mahendra got in touch with Disha on Facebook. “He developed feelings for her again. Then Disha came to Ahmedabad during Navratri.

Mahendra accompanied Priyanka to a garba one day, and spent the remaining days with Disha. He wanted to marry Disha, so he asked his childhood friend Hardik — a fifth semester student at L J Institute of Engineering — to convince Priyanka to break off the match. Hardik posed the problem as a hypothetical situation to find out Priyanka’s view on the issue. The MBA student made it clear she would not be able to endure another heartbreak.”

Mahendra hatched a plan to kill Priyanka and sought Hardik’s help. “On October 21, they bought cushions from National Handloom Corporation in Vyaswadi. They also bought a bottle of water in which they mixed sleeping pills,” said police.

Priyanka used to park her two-wheeler near Bhagwat Vidyapith on S G Highway and board an ST bus to reach her college in Gandhinagar. “When she returned on October 21, Hardik and Mahendra were waiting for her in his i10 car. Mahendra pretended to take her on a long drive and asked her to lie to her parents about why she would come home late. Near Vaishnodevi Circle, Mahendra offered her the spiked water and Priyanka lost consciousness,” said police.

Mahendra made several calls to Priyanka’s cellphone, then switched it off. He then went for the 7 pm show at Drive-In Theatre. “There, he tried to smother Priyanka with a pillow. She did not die, so he wore plastic gloves and tried to strangle her. The 22-year-old fell unconscious again but Mahendra and Hardik thought she was dead. They then drove to Jagatpur to find a place to dump the body. They discarded Priyanka’s belongings along the way one by one. They finally found a soakpit near Gota where they threw Priyanka’s body. The girl choked on the dirty water and died. This is why the post-mortem could not find the exact cause of death,” said police.

The two parked the car at Mahendra’s house. Mahendra then dropped Hardik home on a two-wheeler. He also called Priyanka’s brother to say he had called his fiancée several times but she was not picking up the phone.

Singh said, “He later sent a Facebook message to Kunal, asking Disha not to contact him or call him for a while. He promised to reveal later what had happened.” This is a major clue that drew police’s suspicion on Mahendra.

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