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Crime Patrol: Software engineer kills wife, chops body into pieces in Dehradun (Episode 3 on 6 May 2011)

The Inside Story

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand

Software Engineer Allegedly Murders Wife and Conceals Body in Freezer

In a shocking incident, a software engineer has been accused of killing his wife, dismembering her body, and hiding the remains in a deep freezer for nearly two months. The gruesome crime was uncovered in Dehra Dun when the victim's brother filed a police complaint after receiving unsatisfactory responses from the engineer regarding his sister's whereabouts. Rajesh, the 37-year-old husband of the 33-year-old victim, was subsequently arrested.

During the investigation, Rajesh, originally from Delhi, confessed to murdering his wife on October 17. According to Dehra Dun SSP G S Martolia, the fatal act occurred after a quarrel between Rajesh and Anupama, during which he violently struck her head against a wall. Following her unconsciousness, he proceeded to strangle her in a fit of rage. Rajesh then dismembered the body and concealed the remains in a deep freezer.

To maintain a facade, Rajesh informed their four-year-old twin children that their mother had gone to Delhi. He also misled Anupama's brother by falsely claiming that their relationship had improved. However, suspicions arose within the family, prompting Anupama's brother to visit Dehra Dun and inquire about her well-being. The couple had settled in Dehra Dun 18 months ago after returning from the United States.

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