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Crime Patrol: She sleeps sedated, amid the curfew (Episode 249, 250 on 24th-25th May 2013)

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The Inside Story

Bokaro Teenage Girl Gang Rape Case

In Bokaro, Jharkhand, on April 5th, a sixteen-year-old girl named Maneesha, a class XII student, was abducted while taking an evening walk outside her home. She was raped by 19 individuals, and the police have only arrested 12 of them. Those detained include Islam Ansari, Feroz Shah, Habib Ansari, and Anwar Ansari, mechanics at a motor repair shop near her father's official residence. Whenever Maneesha walked past the shop, the Ansaris and Shah used to whistle and wink at her, according to her father's statement.

The police say that Maneesha was transported to Churra Basti after being abducted. She was held in a dingy two-room house for two nights and a day by Jalaluddin Ansari, who has yet to be apprehended. After she was abducted, a relative of Maneesha informed the SHO and Dy SP, but the police were unable to locate her. Bokaro was thrown into chaos following the incident, and life came to a halt on the bandh called jointly by the BJP, Samata Party, CPI, CPI-M, and the Shiv Sena. On April 9th, Bokaro saw a procession taken out by the BSL Employees Union.

On May 22nd, 22 individuals were sentenced to life in prison for the gang rape of 15-year-old girl Monica of St Xavier's School in April 1999. Six of them were found guilty of plotting the minor's abduction. The court directed the 16 rapists to pay a compensation of Rs 25,000 each, while the other six were ordered to pay a compensation of Rs 20,000 each to be given to the parents of the victim, Chandra Prabha Prasad and Gaya Prasad. This is the country's first judgment in which a rape victim has been awarded compensation for treatment.

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