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NAVI MUMBAI: Ten months after the discovery of chopped human thighs wrapped in a bed sheet, the zone-2 of Navi Mumbai police has finally been able to crack this difficult murder case by arresting two men from Uran.

Deputy commissioner of police (zone 2) Sanjay Yenpure said: ''On March 16, 2014, the brutally cut human thighs were found in a creek at Uran. At the time we could not make out if these body parts belonged to a man or a woman. Our police commissioner, K L Prasad, had challenged us to solve this complicated murder case. Now, we have finally arrested two accused persons who are behind this gory crime.''

Reportedly, the victim, Jai Narayan Koli (24), was killed in his own house and later chopped up to dispose off the body parts at several locations such as Panvel creek, Ulwe creek and from the Vashi bridge into the sea. The human thighs were found near Bori Pakadi village in Uran taluka.

The cops first sent the human thighs for a forensic analysis at Kalina in Mumbai and also systematically started inquiring at various police stations in Navi Mumbai, Raigad and Ratnagiri for any missing persons. After a few months, the forensic laboratory informed the cops that the chopped body parts were of a man aged between 24 and 28 years.

''On a strong hunch, we took the DNA samplings of two families whose members were missing. The chopped thighs matched the victim, Koli's, family. We soon found out that he had personal enmity with two other local youths Shafi Shaikh (25) and Javed Shaikh (32). Further investigation finally led to the murder detection. The two confessed to the crime,'' said ACP Shashikant Borate.

On March 13 last year, Shafi Shaikh had gone to the house of Koli to try and end their old grudges. Once inside, Shaikh who is a small-time criminal, fatally attacked Koli with a chopper and later informed his friend Javed about it. Then, the duo chopped the victim's neck, limbs and torso and packed it in different sets to dispose them of at various sea creeks. Unfortunately, since the human thighs were spotted and reported to cops, their game was finally up.

''The main investigators from Uran will be rewarded for this meticulous and systematic detection work,'' added DCP Yenpure.

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