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Crime Patrol: Police solve ten-month-old chopped human thighs case in Navi Mumbai (Episode 521, 522 on 19th June 2015)

Part 1

Part 2

The Inside Story

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Police solve ten-month-old murder case in Navi Mumbai

After ten months of the discovery of chopped human thighs wrapped in a bedsheet, the Navi Mumbai police have finally solved the murder case by arresting two men from Uran. The victim, Jai Narayan Koli (24), was killed in his own house and his body parts were chopped up to dispose of them at various locations. The cops first sent the human thighs for a forensic analysis and later took DNA samples of two families whose members were missing. The chopped thighs matched the victim's family, and the investigation led to the arrest of two accused.

On March 13 last year, Shafi Shaikh had gone to Koli's house to end their old grudges. Once inside, Shaikh fatally attacked Koli with a chopper and later informed his friend Javed about it. Then, the duo chopped the victim's neck, limbs and torso and disposed of them in various sea creeks. Unfortunately, since the human thighs were spotted and reported to cops, their game was finally up. The main investigators from Uran will be rewarded for their meticulous and systematic detection work.

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