Crime Patrol: Thakur's Son Raghuveer Takes His Revenge From Rashmi - Episode 91 - 9th March 2012

Thakur and his son Raghuveer residing in Laalwaada, Muradabad (Uttar Pradesh) ruled the village and all the villagers were affraid of them as Thakur had strong connections with politicians. Raghuveer liked to trouble innocent people but one fine day a major incident takes place between Raghuveer and Kishanlal's daughter Rashmi as Raghuveer tries to rape Rashmi but she succeeds in saving herself by bashing Babloo and Raghuveer thus she complaints Thakur saab but she fails as Thakur saab threatens Kishenlaal and blames Rashmi, later she files a police complaint but police advises her not to file any complaint. Rashmi steps out of her house after 1 month as she wanted to attend Radha's mehendi but while returning Raghuveer rapes Rashmi and kills her. Will cops punish Raghuveer or set him free?

Crime Patrol: Court Sets Raghuveer Free And Villagers Protest - Episode 92 - 10th March 2012

Raghuveer not only reveals the place where he had hide the sword which was colored in blood but also threatens Inspector and Rashmi's Brother that he will teach them a good lesson once he is out of Jail later, Rashmi's friends Mansi and Kirti assures Cop that they will disclose the truth in the court but the date proceeds. Thakur Mahendra Singh's goons warns Kirti and Mansi's fathers. Court sets Raghuveer free. Rashmi's brother motivates all villagers and declares a protest against Thakur. Will Rashmi get justice? What will be villagers next step?

The Inside Story
Ongole, The sarpanch of Pallepalem village of Chinaganjam mandal in Prakasam (Andhra Pradesh) district left the village with his family on Tuesday due to social boycott and Rs 1.65 lakh fine imposed by community elders for filing a case against an innocent youth of the village.

Village elders alleged that sarpanch A. Srinu lodged a complaint against a youth of the fishermen community for kidnapping his daughter on December 20 last year; this was proved false later in investigation.

They added that as police had beaten the youth mercilessly, they asked for an explanation from the sarpanch and aid to the victim but he refused both. They imposed a fine of Rs 1.65 lakh on the sarpanch and a social boycott.

Mr Srinu vacated his house on Tuesday with his wife and two daughters.

Meanwhile, Chinaganjam sub-inspector, Mr Sk. Mastanvali, said that they had not received any complaint on the issue. He recalled that last month they had counselled the two groups to shun social boycott. He added that they would enquire into the matter.