Crime Patrol: Kashyap Gets Brutally Killed By His Friends - Episode 95 - 23rd March 20120

Kashyap gets brutally killed by his 3 friends Kamal, Dhiru and Gautam who belonged from the same village from where Kashyap came. He use to stay in an outhouse which beonged to Anshuman Singh who is a Supretendent Engineer in Lucknow. Ms. Singh was shocked to see Kashyap's dead body in her outhouse. Cops try to find Dhiru, Kamal and Gautam in the village. Mr. Singh reveals cops that Kashyap was working in his house from since past 12 years and his was honest too. Cops doubt on Ms. Singh. Anshuman reveals cops that Kashyap had informed him about his Daughter Sakshi's affair with Rahul. Why did cops arrest Sakshi? Who planned Kashyap's murder?

Crime Patrol: Kaveri Reveals The Truth Behind Kashyap's Murder - Episode 96 - 24th March 2012

Sakshi tells cops that Kamal had informed her that he has signed a contract to kill her mother Kaveri and that contract is given by none other than his servant Kashyap who is working in their house from since past 12 years, but instead of killing Kaveri they kill Kashyap, later Kaveri is under arrest. Kaveri reveals cops that she paid them double to kill Kashyap or else he would have killed her. Is Kaveri hiding something else? Is Anshuman having an affair with other woman? Who killed Kashyap?

The Inside Story
Lucknow, Thu Jul 01 2010, The wife of Barabanki SDM and her domestic help were arrested by police in Lucknow on Wednesday in connection with the murder of a driver Sarvajeet.
According to the police, SDM Ratibhan Verma’s wife Kailasha had hired three contract killers to get rid of Sarvajeet as she feared that the driver would kill her son and get the property transferred to his name.

Sarvajeet, who worked as a driver of SDM’s private vehicle, used to stay at the servant’s quarter of the officer’s house at Chinhat. He died after he was attacked allegedly by the three miscreants with sharp-edged weapons on Tuesday evening.

Police said that the killers — Ramswaroop, Vipin and Ramswaroop’s brother-in-law whose name is yet to be revealed — used to share Sarvajeet’s room for the last one month.

The domestic help, Motilal, has also been arrested for conspiracy. The circle officer of Gomti Nagar, Roshan Lal Jayant, said: “Motilal had told Kailasha that he had heard Sarvajeet saying that he was planning to kill her son Anil to grab the property. She hired three persons and asked them to kill Sarvajeet. She promised them a vehicle, house and some cash.”

According to Motilal, said police, the SDM was impressed with Sarvajeet and had purchased 15 bigha land and a tractor for him. “Kailasha feared that Sarvajeet would kill Anil and would get their property transferred in his name,” Motilal is said to have told the police.

In their investigation, the police found that the SDM had hired the same killers to get two persons in his neighbourhood eliminated. Jayant said the SDM had a running dispute with Vinod Awasthi and Kusuma Mishra who stay in his locality. “On several occasions, the SDM had quarrels with the duo as he suspected that Kusuma was trying to get one of his two daughters date a youth. The SDM had also threatened the duo to leave the neighbourhood,” the CO added.

To settle the score with them, the SDM had asked Sarvajeet to hire the killers. But before they could have target the duo, SDM’s wife assured them money and car to get Sarvajeet eliminated instead.Courtesy: