The Inside Story
One girl told other young men that she was a lawyer and convinced them she was the perfect mate for them. At least seven men from the city and elsewhere in the state were smitten and ‘married’ her before realizing a few others had similarly fallen for her. By then, it was too late.

After a football player from Pulianthope and a car showroom employee from Mugalivakkam, who together lost Rs 3 lakh to her, lodged complaints, police are looking for the woman who gave her name as Shahnaz and claimed she was from Thiruvananthapuram. She gave all her victims visiting cards that showed her to be a law graduate.

In his complaint to police Commissioner J K Tripathy on Wednesday, Manikandan said he met her at the automobile showroom where he worked. Shahnaz showed him a photograph of a man who she claimed had cheated her friend promising marriage. She took Manikandan’s number and later proposed to him.

The two got married on May 21, 2011 at a temple in Kunrathur and a grand reception was held at Porur. Later, she told Manikandan she was practising at the Madras high court and also wanted to enter the IAS. “She said she wanted to concentrate on her studies and asked me to put her in a hostel at Saidapet. I borrowed Rs 1.8 lakh to help her in July,” Manikandan said. He continued to visit the hostel.

On November 8, Manikandan received a phone call saying the woman was missing from the hostel for more than a week. Later, he received a call from a man named Venkatesan who said she had cheated his brother of a huge sum in similar fashion. Subsequent inquiries revealed that she had cheated others, too, but Manikandan didn’t approach police as he was ashamed to admit he had been conned.

He other complainant, football player Prasanna said he had been in love with Shahanaz for some years but they got married five months ago after she threatened to commit suicide. In his complaint, Prasanna said he met her at a supermarket in Vepery. A while after the wedding at the Uthukadu Ellaiamman temple in Kancheepuram, Prasanna became suspicious when the supermarket owner showed him photographs of Shahnaz with other men. “I confronted her, but she said the owner was a pervert who always harassed her,” Prasanna said.

“When a few others told me she had married another person from the same area, I decided to lodge a complaint,” he said. Preliminary investigation revealed that the woman had cheated seven men from various places in the state.

We have heard about several stories that young men cheated several girls and married them and went away with jewels and money. But this is different where a Girl cheated several boys and looted their money. Hence in future young boys must take much more care in selecting brides for their wedding.

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