The Inside Story
Pushpa Kohli, (far left) allegedly gave Rs.1 lakh to her
brother for murdering her
23-yearold daughter Kiran;
A sulking mother, a spirited daughter and a gullible uncle are the most unlikely characters of this gruesome murder case, whose trigger is said to be the young woman's lifestyle. Pushpa Kohli gave a contract to her brother, ironically a Punjab cop, to kill her 23-year-old daughter Kiran, the Faridabad Police claimed.

"Frustrated over her daughter's lifestyle, smoking and excessive drinking, Pushpa conspired to kill her daughter Kiran. She gave contract of Rs.1 lakh to Kulwindar Singh to kill her daughter," ACP (Crime) Poonam Dalal told reporters.

But it was not the first time that Pushpa had tried to kill her daughter, the ACP said. During Diwali, Pushpa had served sedative laced food to Kiran. Her plan to smother Pushpa failed when the latter woke up at the last moment. It was then Pushpa called Kulwindar at her house on December 6 and chalked out a plan to kill her daughter. Kulwindar was promised Rs.1 lakh and some trinkets to execute the murder.
Accordingly, Pushpa sent her husband and son to Bathinda on December 27 to meet some relatives. She then called Kulwindar, who arrived with his aide at Pushpa's residence on the intervening night of December 27 and 28. The two men entered Kiran's room where they overpowered her and mercilessly slit her throat.

Before leaving the crime scene, Kulwindar tied Pushpa's legs and hands so that the police suspicion did not fall on her.
After few hours, Pushpa untied herself and called up the police to inform the murder of the daughter at the hands of two 'assailants'.
The ACP said Pushpa had planned to kill Kiran as she feared that her daughter had developed illicit relationship with her business partner, who came from different religion.

DECEMBER 6: Frustrated with her daughter Kiran's lifestyle and excessive drinking, Pushpa Kohli conspires with her brother Kulwindar to kill her.

DECEMBER 27: After Pushpa sends her husband and son to Bathinda to meet some relatives, Kulwindar & his aide come to the house and slit Kiran's throat.

DECEMBER 28: Pushpa asks the duo to tie her up to keep her out of police suspicion. But after cops grill her for hours, she breaks down & confesses to crime.

Pushpa told her interrogators that her daughter, involved in property business, used to visit night clubs with men, consumed alcohol and smoked.

"She was very much disturbed after her daughter did not pay any heed to her requests to leave the company of such men and live a simple life," the ACP said.

Kiran was married to a Delhi-based businessman two years ago, but she returned back as she had marital discord with her husband. She had filed a divorce petition at the Saket court. While Pushpa accepted the divorce of her daughter, the ACP said, she could not accept Kiran's lifestyle and decided to eliminate her.

Pushpa's unsatisfactory replies from the day of the murder itself led sleuths to doubt her innocence, the officer said. She initially mislead the police, saying that two women in black burqa entered in the house, tied her and killed Kiran.

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