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Crime Patrol: Faridabad woman gives contract to cop brother to kill her daughter (Episode 342 on 22nd Feb 2014)

The Inside Story

Faridabad, Haryana

Mother Allegedly Hires Uncle to Murder Daughter Over Lifestyle Dispute

In a chilling murder case, a mother, a daughter, and an unsuspecting uncle have become the central figures. The Faridabad Police revealed that Pushpa Kohli, the mother, allegedly contracted her brother, a Punjab cop, to kill her 23-year-old daughter Kiran due to dissatisfaction with her lifestyle. Frustrated by Kiran's smoking and excessive drinking, Pushpa conspired and offered a contract of Rs.1 lakh to Kulwindar Singh to carry out the murder, according to ACP (Crime) Poonam Dalal.

This was not Pushpa's first attempt to harm her daughter. During Diwali, she had served Kiran food laced with sedatives, but the plan failed when Kiran woke up in time. On December 6, Pushpa called Kulwindar to her house and devised a plan to kill her daughter. Kulwindar and his accomplice arrived at Pushpa's residence on the night of December 27-28. They entered Kiran's room, overpowered her, and ruthlessly slit her throat. To divert suspicion, Kulwindar tied Pushpa's hands and legs before leaving the crime scene.

Pushpa later freed herself and reported the murder to the police, claiming it was committed by two assailants. The investigation revealed that Pushpa was motivated by her belief that Kiran had developed an illicit relationship with a business partner from a different religion. Despite Kiran's divorce and marital discord, Pushpa could not accept her daughter's lifestyle choices and resorted to the extreme step of eliminating her.


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