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Crime Patrol: dna exclusive: Watch your door, house break-ins and thefts in Mumbai increase by 40% (Episode 340 on 15th February 2014)

The Inside Story

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Burglaries Rise by 40% in Mumbai, With Low Detection Rate

The city of Mumbai has witnessed a staggering 40% increase in burglaries, with the western suburbs being the most affected. While south and central Mumbai have seen a decline in numbers, the western suburbs have experienced a surge. Last year, there were 1,843 cases of house break-ins and thefts (HBT), but this year the number has risen to 2,567. Police attribute this rise to security loopholes in gated and non-gated communities, as well as the ease of accessibility and reduced risk in crowded urban settings.

Recent arrests made by the Oshiwara police shed light on the activities of a gang of three affluent young individuals from the same area. Over the course of four months, the gang targeted homes belonging to actors, businessmen, and diamond merchants, stealing cash and valuables amounting to Rs2 crore. The accused, hailing from wealthy families, used the stolen money to finance their lavish drug habits. The gang was knowledgeable about the positioning of security cameras, watchmen, and vacant houses. While professional gangs operate in the city, there are also cases involving amateurs who meticulously study targeted areas in need of cash.

The rise in house break-ins has prompted discussions among law enforcement officials about enhancing detection rates and improving security measures. Factors such as the quality of hired security agencies, the presence of CCTV cameras, and intercom systems play crucial roles in preventing and reducing such crimes. Police have urged housing societies to ensure sufficient guards and functional CCTV cameras, especially in non-gated communities and rehabilitation structures. Strengthening security measures and maintaining vigilance are seen as key to tackling the growing issue of burglaries in Mumbai.


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