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Crime Patrol: Kin arrested for Ludhiana Double Murder : Killed aunt, cousin for money, love (Episode 452 on 2nd Jan 2015)

The Inside Story

Ludhiana, Punjab

First Cousin Arrested for Double Murder of Heena and Usha Grover

The police in Ludhiana claimed to have solved the recent Fatehgunj double murder case of Heena Grover and her mother Usha Grover. The accused, Rishu Grover, the first cousin of the younger victim, has been arrested.

According to the police, Rishu had feelings for Heena and could not accept the fact that she was getting married to someone else. He had also suffered losses in his shares business and desperately needed money to clear his debts. Rishu confessed to the crime, saying that he was under pressure from his financers.

Rishu visited his aunt's house on the day of the crime, where he stabbed Heena to death and wrote Babu on the wall with her blood. He then collected money and jewellery from the almirah and went downstairs, where he stabbed his aunt Usha to death and fled. The police rounded up Rishu after he broke down and confessed to the crime. The accused had also thrown the knife used to commit the crime in the Buddha Nullah near Tajpur road.

ADCP Nilambari Jagdale stated that Rishu was aware that Heena's brother in Australia routinely sent money to his mother. The police rounded up Rishu after coming to know that he was not at his place on the night the crime was committed. The accused had also sympathized with the aggrieved family members before his arrest. The police recovered Rs. 2.12 lakh from the accused's possession, and efforts were on to recover the rest.

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