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RAJKOT: Malaviyanagar police officials probing the murder of a trader said on Wednesday that they are yet to ascertain the reason behind the crime.

Ripal Chaniyara, 30, was shot dead from a point blank range while he was driving from Kankot to Pal on his motorcycle near orchard owned by Jasmat Harsoda on Tuesday afternoon.

Ripal had gone to his house to collect tiffin box for his younger brother Sudhir and was returning to his shop when the incident occurred. Ripal had left his shop in the afternoon and when he did not return till 2.15 pm, Sudhir called his wife Namrata who said that Ripal had come and already left at 1 pm. Thus Sudhir started searching for him.

Meanwhile, a passer-by spotted Ripal's body lying on the road along with his bike and informed police on Tuesday evening. "Earlier, we assumed that the victim had been bludgeoned to death as there was a deep injury on the back of his skull. However, his postmortem report revealed that he had been shot as there were pallets fired from a country-made gun embedded in his skull," said a Malaviyanagar police official.

Ripal, a native of Dungari village in Vanthali, had settled in Rajkot some eight years ago and had set up a hardware shop in Vavdi area of Rajkot. After sometime, he called his brother and his family to stay with him in Ambika Township.

In his statement to police, Sudhir said Ripal had no financial dispute nor did he have any enmity with anyone. "We are investigating whether extramarital affair was the reason behind the crime," said the official.

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Rajkot financier kills self after hiring sharp shooters to murder friend

Five days after a trader was found dead, city police unravelled the mystery surrounding the incident by arresting two men and claiming that the trader was shot dead by contract killers. Ripal Chaniyara (35), owner of a hardware store in Vavdai area of the city was found dead near Kankot village on the outskirts of the city last Tuesday. Malaviyanagar police had concluded that Chaniyara was shot from point blank range and murdered. However, investigators could not achieve any breakthrough in the case until Sunday when Hardik Mankadiya (30), city-based financier was also found dead in Munjka village near the city. Police said Mankadiya’s scull was broken into pieces as a bullet, shot form close range, ripped through his head. Police also found a pistol from near the body of Mankadiya. Initially, police believed that Mankadiya, once a friend to Chaniyara, was also murdered. But police found a suicide note in Mankadiya’s office on Gondal road, establishing that the financier had killed himself “after committing a mistake.”

Mankadiya’s alleged suicide led police to his friend Manish Padaliya who owns a factory in the city. Police said Mankadiya and Chaniyara had fallen out with each other around one-and-half-year ago when the trader suspected that his financier friend was getting too close to his wife Harshida. Around a month ago, Mankadiya told his friend Manish Padaliya, a chum of Chaniyara, to help him eliminate the trader.

Manish refused to cooperate but gave in to Makadiya’s demand after the financier threatened him not end partnership in a plot of land.

Subsequently, Manish introduced Bhavin alias Kano Padaliya, a factory owner to Mankadiya. Police said Bhavin agreed to for a contract to kill Chaniyara for Rs20 lakh. Then he got in with Kana Ahir and Sagar Karavadiya, both residents of Junagadh district. As planed, Ahir shot Chaniyara dead on May 26 with the help of Bhavin’s unlicensed pistol. A couple of days after Chaniyara’s murder, Mankadiya asked Manish to give him the weapon used to commit the crime. He shot himself with the same pistol and committed suicide on Sunday, police said.

Malaviyanagar police had also questioned Mankadiya after Chaniyara’s murder. But he told police that he had not relations with the trader for the last 18 months.

As it emerged that Mankadia was mastermind of Chaniyara’s muder and Manish and Bhavin helped commit the crime, Malaviyanagar police arrested the two factory owners on Sunday. Police said efforts were on to nab the two contract killers.

“We believe, Mankadiya had developed a relationship with Harshida but Chaniyara was proving to be an obstacle in it. Therefore, the financier had the trader murdered,” Malaviyanagar police inspector Mulu Godhaniya said on Sunday.

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