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Crime Patrol: Mumbai: 16-year-old boy accuses friend's mother of rape (Episode 546, 547 on 21st, 22nd Aug 2015)

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The Inside Story

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Teenager accuses friend's mother of sexual assault and blackmail

A 16-year-old boy has filed a written complaint with the RCF police station last week, alleging that his best friend's mother forced herself on him, made an obscene video featuring him, and blackmailed him for the past three months into having a physical relationship with her. The victim's parents became suspicious of changes in their son's behavior and inquired with him about the causes.

The victim stated that he had gone to meet his friend at his residence in Chembur around three months ago. His friend's mother told him that his friend was not at home and asked him to come inside and wait. The boy alleged that the woman offered him a soft drink spiked with some chemical which made him lose consciousness. The woman then stripped him, forced herself upon him, and recorded a video of the act. The complaint says that the woman used the video to blackmail him, calling him to her house regularly and forcing him into sexual acts with her.

The victim's father, a tailor by profession, said, "The senior police officials were very helpful, they instilled faith in my child and told him to record his statement so that they could take action against the woman." Confirming the incident, senior police inspector Dilip Raut with the RCF police station told dna, "We have received a written complaint and are conducting a preliminary inquiry because the matter is very sensitive."

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