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Crime Patrol: Elderly mother, bed-ridden son murdered in Rohini (Episode 540, 541 on 7th Aug, 8th Aug, 2015)

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The Inside Story

New Delhi, India - Nov, 2015

Recovery agent arrested for killing a wheelchair-bound man and his mother

The Delhi police on Wednesday claimed to have solved the case of the double murder of a 40-year-old wheelchair-bound man and his mother in Rohini, a district of Delhi. The suspect, Sanjay Arora, alias Sanjay Kakkar, who worked as a recovery agent for financial institutions, was arrested on Tuesday. He has confessed to murdering Jitender Mishra after the latter refused to repay the Rs 32,000-loan he had taken from him. His 62-year-old mother, who had allegedly witnessed the murder, was also eliminated.

Sanjay was apprehended from Japanese Park in Rohini by a team led by DCP Dinesh Gupta, after extensive investigations. Two leads—an Imperial Blue whisky bottle and the CCTV footage of the area—proved to be crucial. The blood-stained wooden block used in the murder has been recovered as well.

During interrogation, Sanjay revealed that he had come in contact with Mishra in 2007 through a common friend. They became friends as both had been fighting divorce cases with their respective wives. In early 2014, Sanjay had given Rs 32,000 and a gold chain to the deceased as a loan. Despite repeated requests, Mishra did not return the money. On the day of the incident, Sanjay went to Mishra's house with a bottle of Imperial Blue whisky. During their drinking session, Sanjay demanded the money and gold from Mishra but this time too, the latter expressed his inability to pay him back.

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