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NEW DELHI: Angered by his childhood love rejecting him for someone else, an 18-year-old man plotted with his friend and strangled his 18-year-old girlfriend after spotting her in bed with another man. The duo then indulged in an act of necrophilia by raping the body, police said on Friday.

After the assault, the duo stuffed the body into a wardrobe of her flat in southwest Delhi and fled to Uttarakhand. However, they ran out of luck on Thursday when they returned to Delhi for money and were arrested.

They have been identified as Daniel alias Gulfam, who worked with a pizza joint, and Rafiq. They have been charged with murder, gangrape, destruction of evidence and criminal conspiracy, cops said.

"A team led by SHO Bindapur, Kishore Kumar Rewala, laid a trap at Nizamuddin station. They were spotted by an informer and arrested. They have confessed to their crime," said Dinesh Kumar Gupta, addl DCP, southwest district.

According to Daniel's interrogation report, he and the girl, Tia, had grown up in an orphanage in Gurgaon. Love blossomed as they became teenagers. On April 4, Tia left the orphanage and shifted to Delhi. She moved into a flat in Sukhiram Park, southwest Delhi. Daniel, who had been in love with the girl since childhood, began to visit her and often stayed back. Rafiq (19), their common friend from the orphanage, too visited them.

Tia, meanwhile, fell in love with a man in the neighbourhood, police said. He lured her with gifts and often took her out on his bike. Daniel began to envy them. "One day when I returned home, I saw her in bed with Pramod. I was shocked and outraged. She had begun to avoid me and Rafiq. She so easily gave herself away to the man whom she barely knew for 10 days," Daniel said.

On April 29, Tia returned from a date with Pramod and went to sleep. Daniel and Rafiq, already at her house, strangled her in sleep. They then took turns to rape her body.

Daniel, an avid viewer of crime serials like CID and Crime Patrol, had made sure that they won't use a mobile phone. However, they committed the mistake of taking away Tia's stuff which also had her phone. They fled to seek shelter with two friends and in desperation happened to call them up for their address using Tia's mobile phone which was on surveillance. They later decided to sell it off.

Tia's decomposed body was found on May 2 from the flat when the house owner had gone there to ask for rent. He called police when he got no response and noticed a foul smell coming out of the flat.

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