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Crime Patrol: Rejected, he killed her, raped body (Episode 537, 538 on 31st July, 1st Aug, 2015)

Part 1

Part 2

The Inside Story

New Delhi, India

Teenage Love Triangle Leads to Rape and Murder

An 18-year-old man, Daniel alias Gulfam, and his friend Rafiq, were arrested for the rape and murder of Tia, Daniel's 18-year-old girlfriend. The two were charged with murder, gangrape, destruction of evidence, and criminal conspiracy. Tia's body was discovered on May 2nd in her flat in southwest Delhi after the duo had strangled her in her sleep and then indulged in necrophilia.

Daniel and Tia had grown up together in an orphanage in Gurgaon, where they fell in love. The couple moved to Delhi, and Daniel frequently visited her in her new flat. However, Tia fell in love with a man in her neighborhood, which caused Daniel to become envious. On April 29th, Tia returned from a date with her new love interest, and Daniel and Rafiq strangled her in her sleep, then took turns raping her body.

The duo stuffed Tia's body into a wardrobe in her flat and fled to Uttarakhand, but returned to Delhi for money and were arrested. Daniel had made sure that they did not use mobile phones, but they made the mistake of taking Tia's phone, which they used to call friends for their address. Tia's decomposed body was discovered in her flat on May 2nd when the house owner went to ask for rent.

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