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Crime Patrol: Cops crack Nala Sopara murder in six hours (Episode 604, 605 on 10th January, 2016)

Nala Sopara, Maharashtra

Woman Murdered, Kidnapped Son Rescued; Killer Nabbed Within Six Hours

The Nala Sopara police have apprehended Suresh Nemaram Prajapati for murdering Gatki Devi, a pregnant woman found with her throat slit in her Nala Sopara flat. The incident occurred on Thursday, and Prajapati was caught red-handed while accepting the ransom of Rs 1.5 lakh near Dahisar railway station. Prajapati's frequent viewings of crime serials on television and his attempts to mislead the police by changing his location several times failed to save him.

Prajapati confessed to committing the crime as he required money for his sick mother's treatment. The two-year-old son, who was kidnapped along with Gatki Devi's murder, was reunited with his father, Ambalal Devasi Singh. Prajapati, who frequently accompanied Ambalal, was known to Gatki Devi and aware of the family's routine. Calling Ambalal from Gatki Devi's mobile proved to be his undoing.

Prajapati was produced before the Vasai court on Friday and has been remanded in police custody until August 28th. A complaint for murder, extortion, and kidnapping had been filed against the unknown killer on Thursday afternoon.

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