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Crime Patrol: Man kills father for Rs 70 lakh insurance money (Episode 618 on 12th, Feb 2016)


Son, Insurance Agent Arrested for Murder of Father to Claim Rs 70 Lakh Insurance Money

Police have arrested the son and an accomplice in connection with the murder of a 50-year-old man, Omkar Singh, who was found dead on July 27. The duo confessed to killing Omkar to claim his life insurance money of Rs 70 lakh to pay off their debt.

Omkar's son Kuldeep (23) and his friend, an insurance agent, were taken into custody and charged with murder. Kuldeep plotted his father's murder by making him drink heavily in their fields and then crushing him under a car.

Kuldeep had taken a loan with his friend to buy a piece of land but was unable to repay it. Initially, he tried to deceive the police by stating that he had accompanied his father to the fields on the day of the murder but returned home alone after leaving him there. However, police cracked the case after a neighbor complained that Kuldeep had borrowed his car on July 27 and returned it damaged. Blood was found on the car, which was matched with Omkar's blood samples, leading to their arrest.

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