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Crime Patrol: क्या वो थी इच्छाधारी नागिन...! (Episode 92, 93 on 10th, 11th Feb, 2016)

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Woman claimed to have turned into a snake in Mathura

A village in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh has been abuzz lately with a strange claim made by the in-laws of a woman named Rajni. They claim that Rajni has turned into a snake. According to them, Rajni was sleeping on a cot in the morning when a snake was found on the cot, along with her clothes and jewelry. They also found a letter which stated that the snake is Rajni and it wants to go to its snake partner to continue their seven lives together.

As the news spread, people from all over the village started gathering to witness the snake-woman. Even Rajni's parents came to her in-laws' place and took her with them, claiming that the snake was their daughter. The police also arrived at the scene, but only to maintain law and order.

The incident has left everyone in shock, and the question on everyone's mind is whether Rajni has really turned into a snake or it's just a hoax. It remains to be seen what further investigation will reveal.

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