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Crime Patrol: Woman kills NRI man, buries body, plants sapling on the spot (Episode 669 on 11th June, 2016)

Jalandhar, Punjab

Woman Arrested for Murdering NRI, Burying Body in Backyard

The Phagwara police claim to have solved the murder case of an NRI by apprehending a woman who allegedly befriended him, gained access to his bank accounts, withdrew money, poisoned him, and buried his body in the backyard of her rented house in Khambra village, Jalandhar district.

Malti Minhas, the prime suspect, was apprehended when police stopped a car and discovered drugs, cash, and identified the vehicle as belonging to the missing NRI, Raminder Singh. During questioning, Minhas confessed to her involvement in the crime. She revealed that she had befriended Raminder online, acquired information about his assets, and drugged his food on January 14. Alongside her accomplice, Paramjit Kaur Cheema, they kept him drugged for five days and withdrew money using his debit cards. Raminder passed away on January 19, and Minhas disposed of the body in the backyard.

The police are now actively searching for Cheema, while Minhas remains in custody. To conceal the body's location, Minhas reportedly planted a sapling and used Raminder's cellphone to send text messages to his friends, pretending that he was on vacation.


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