The triple murder case from Meerut that made headlines on June 18 has been solved, UP police said on Friday. All three accused have been arrested.

Bareilly's Vicky, Sachin and Udayveer together planned Riya, Poonam and Chandrashekhar's murder. The police have recovered the murder weapon, victim Riya's scooty and an LCD television stolen from Chandrashekhar's house.

Eight teams of the police were deployed in order to track down the accused.

The reason behind the murder was traced back to an elaboarte sex racket. Riya was reportedly a sex worker, who was brought business by Vicky. They ran a business on mutual terms.

However, as Riya slipped deeper into the racket, she met people who could bring her business which paid much higher than what Vicky brought her. Therefore she started ignoring him.

Vicky, outraged by Riya's betrayal, decided to have her killed. That's when he met Sachin, who was in need of money and was ready to go through any lengths for it.

The two hatched a plan with Udayveer to murder Riya.

Udayveer and Sachin went to Poonam and Chandrshekhar's house, which was used as a brothel, as Riya's pretend customers.

On the pretext of paid sex, Riya like always took the customer Sachin to a room, that's when he attacked her with a knife.

When Poonam heard Riya scream, she ran into the room where she was attacked by Udayveer, who later killed Chandrshekhar as he returned back to the house.

The two fled on Riya's scooty and arrived at Vicky's house.

The police searched mant districts. including some in neighbouring Uttarakhand, before the three were arrested.

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