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Crime Patrol: Bengaluru: Techie puts up bike for sale online, poisoned by ‘buyer’ (Episode 713 on 23rd September, 2016)

Bengaluru Software Engineer Murdered by Prospective Motorcycle Buyer

The mysterious death of Sohan Haldar, a 35-year-old software engineer from West Bengal, has been revealed to be a murder case, according to the police. Haldar's colleagues found his body in his apartment on August 5 after he failed to show up for work for three days. Initially thought to have died of natural causes, the police investigation revealed that he had been poisoned with cyanide. The police arrested Karthik Daulath, a 30-year-old unemployed man, who had posed as a prospective buyer for Haldar's motorcycle that was for sale on an online forum.

The police traced Daulath after they found that Haldar's motorcycle and wallet were missing and that his ATM cards were being used to withdraw cash. CCTV footage and Haldar's call records prior to his murder led the police to Daulath, who is a telecommunications engineering graduate from north Bengaluru. Daulath allegedly mixed cyanide into Haldar's drink after discussing the sale of the motorcycle, and then stole his wallet, ATM cards, and the motorcycle after he died. He withdrew Rs 27,000 from the cards on the same day.

Further investigation revealed that Daulath had called Haldar regularly from August 1 to the day of the murder, and he was caught on CCTV footage at the apartment block and the ATM kiosks where he used Haldar's ATM cards. The police arrested Daulath from his home in Rajajinagar, and it was discovered that he had a criminal record, having been caught stealing a gold chain from a jewellery shop and attempting to rob a bank in the area.

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