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Delhi: 31 year old Ankit Garg shot dead, sister accuses family of Muslim girl he was in love with (Episode 50 on 20 Sep 2019)

Ankit Garg, a 31-year-old teacher, was shot dead in Jahangirpuri area by a masked gunman who had been waiting for him for 25 minutes at the staircase of the coaching centre. Ankit was in love with one of his Muslim students and they wanted to get married. However, the girl's family was opposing their relationship, and Ankit had been threatened many times before he was shot dead. The police are currently investigating the case.
This incident is not an isolated one, as similar cases have been reported in the past. The murder of Ankit Saxena, a Hindu boy, for being in a relationship with a Muslim girl gained widespread attention. The alleged murderers were the girl's relatives, including her parents. In September, a Muslim woman was killed by her father and brother for being in a relationship with a Hindu man in West Bengal. In June last year, a pregnant Muslim woman was burnt alive by her family in Karnataka for marrying a Hindu man, while a Hindu man and his Muslim wife were killed in broad daylight by the woman's brother in Uttar Pradesh in November 2014.

Such incidents highlight the deep-rooted biases and prejudices that exist in our society. Love knows no religion, and it is time we break free from these regressive mindsets that divide us. It is the responsibility of the law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of all citizens, irrespective of their religion or caste.

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