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Crime Patrol: Woman hires killers to bump off husband (Episode 19 on 1st July 2011)

The Inside Story

Wife Hires Killers to Murder Spendthrift Husband in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

A woman from Adgaon, Aurangabad, was arrested by the police on Tuesday for allegedly hiring two men to kill her husband, Baburao, who had been spending recklessly after receiving his share of Rs 23 lakh from his father's land sale. Sunita Daspute said that she decided to eliminate her husband to secure her future and that of her children. She hired two youths, who were digging a well in her farm, to kill Baburao and promised them Rs 25,000 each. The killers hit Baburao on the head repeatedly with a wooden plank and threw his body and motorcycle on the roadside to make it look like an accident.

The police found Baburao's body and received a tip-off about Sunita's involvement in the crime. Under interrogation, she confessed to having hired the killers for Rs 50,000. The police solved the case under the guidance of superintendent of police Manoj Lohiya and sub-divisional police officer Pallavi Barge. The case highlights the need for better financial literacy and management, as well as the importance of addressing domestic issues and conflicts in a peaceful and lawful manner. It also underscores the need for better support and protection for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

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