Farmer Ganpat Rao instantly became rich as his father sold a land. Later he got engrosed in bad habits like drinking and smoking. He was living with his family in Adgaav, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Everyday Ganpat use to meet Rukmani who is a sex worker. Savita files a police complaint and Cops find his dead body. Cops visit the bar where he used to drink.
Cops meet Ganpat's friends. Cops doubt on 2 labours who were digging well outside his house. What was the real motive behind killing Framer Ganpat Rao Shirole? Who was suppose to give them the money?

The Inside Story
AURANGABAD: Fed up with her husband's reckless spending after he came into money, a 32-year-old woman from Adgaon near here allegedly hired two men for Rs 50,000 to kill him. The woman, Sunita Daspute, was arrested by the Aurangabad rural police on Tuesday. Assistant police inspector Sandeep Gurme of the Chikalthana police station said that the murdered man, Baburao (35), had received his share of Rs 23 lakh after his father sold seven acres of land in Nipani village for Rs 76 lakh a few months back. "Baburao spent part of the money to buy 12 acres of land. However, he also began spending heavily on female 'tamasha' artistes, alcohol and buying vehicles. He also started living away from home," Gurme said. According to Gurme, Baburao had bought a car recently which he soon sold for half the price to buy a motorcycle. He later sold the motorcycle to buy another one. He also bought a tractor by taking a loan, which his father ended up repaying. He later bought another tractor. Sunita told the police that she decided to eliminate her husband to secure her future and that of her children. She hired two youths, who were digging a well in her farm, to kill Baburao and promised them Rs 25,000 each. Accordingly, they hatched a plan to kill him on the day of the village jatra on January 19. Gurme said the two youths told Baburao that they would introduce him to a woman during the jatra. They asked him to meet them at a certain place in the evening. "Baburao was drunk when he reached the spot on his motorcycle. One of the youths then rode pillion on Baburao's motorcycle while the other followed them to a deserted spot on the Adgaon-Nipani road. There, the youths hit Baburao on the head repeatedly with a wooden plank, killing him on the spot.

They then threw the body and the bike on the roadside to make it look like an accident," Gurme said. The killers were in constant touch with Sunita on her cellphone, telling her to keep the money ready. She had paid them just Rs 500 as an advance amount. The police found Baburao's body and also received a tip-off about Sunita's involvement in the crime. Under interrogation, she confessed to having hired the killers. "The police solved the case under the guidance of superintendent of police Manoj Lohiya and sub-divisional police officer Pallavi Barge," Gurme said. Sunita has been remanded to police custody till January 29.

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