The Inside Story
AHMEDABAD: The cause of the murder of Kunal Pancholi, the software engineer from Sola, has been eluding investigators as they have not yet found the alleged four to five clippings of his intimate moments with Megha Shah, who murdered him with the help of her boyfriend Chirag Rana on August 18.

Megha had claimed that Kunal used to blackmail her with the clips and they were the main reason why she and Chirag murdered him.

Megha has alleged in her confessional statement that Kunal had shot the clips on his mobile phone's camera. Kunal's mobile phone is still missing. Megha and Chirag have confessed to have thrown it in the Narmada canal near Khoraj.

Cops took help of fire brigade swimmers to locate the missing evidence but in two days of search, they could not find the mobile phone. In such a scenario, it is difficult for the cops to say whether Megha is actually telling the truth or hiding any other motive.

"Megha told in her statement that she was forced to agree to Kunal's wishes as he threatened to expose her to her family members and circulate the MMS around. She also told us that Kunal had the clips in his mobile phone and a data storage device — most probably his pen drive — but she had not seen it after he had showed it to her a month ago. We have not yet got the clips," said ND Chauhan, sub-inspector of Adalaj police station, who is investigating the case said on Sunday.

Kunal's laptop too has been seized and sent for forensic verification. Investigators are yet to submit their report. And the police do not know if the video clips are actually in the laptop. "This may seem like a remote possibility, but we are not taking any chances," they say.

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