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Crime Patrol: Vengeful Aunt Kills 8 year old Surrenders (Episode 40 on 10th September 2011)

The Inside Story

New Delhi, India

Revenge Takes a Tragic Turn: Woman Kills Nephew

In a disturbing act of revenge, a 32-year-old woman identified as Shivangi allegedly strangled her brother's eight-year-old son. Forced to live apart from her own children due to family issues, Shivangi grew resentful and believed her brother was responsible for her troubles. The tragic incident occurred on Sunday afternoon in Sitaram Apartments, located in the IP Extension area of East Delhi.

The victim, Laksh Gosai, a student at Amity International School, was found lifeless on the terrace of the building. Shivangi later surrendered to the police at a nearby station, confessing to the crime. She had developed affection for her nephew during her stay at her brother's house, which made this act even more shocking.

According to the authorities, Shivangi's troubled marital life led to her separation from her own children, as her in-laws barred her from meeting them. Feeling resentful and blaming her brother for her plight, Shivangi decided to take revenge by targeting his son. The police are investigating the case further and have sent the accused for a medical examination to understand her mental state.

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