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Crime Patrol: 'Friend' kills elderly woman over Rs 50 (Episode 50 - 15th October 2011)

The Inside Story

Debt and Betrayal: Mumbai Woman Kills Friend and Neighbour Over Rs 50 Loan

A 60-year-old widow, Laxmibai Dangle, was arrested on Wednesday for bludgeoning her friend and neighbour, Latika Kamble, 55, to death at her home in Kannamwar Nagar, Vikhroli (East), Mumbai. The crime was committed on September 14, allegedly because Dangle needed money and felt slighted over Kamble's refusal to lend her Rs 50. Kamble's head was bludgeoned in two places with a dull object, and some valuables were robbed.

himanshu roy

Kamble and Dangle, who had been neighbours for about 13 years, had exchanged food and stories and were really close. Kamble had even shown Dangle in the past the gold ornaments meant for the weddings of her son and daughter. However, on the afternoon of September 11, Kamble declined to loan money to Dangle in the presence of her youngest daughter. Three days later, Dangle visited Kamble's home, and they talked casually until Kamble asked Dangle to leave because she had to take an afternoon nap. On her way out, Dangle left the door ajar.

The Mumbai crime branch said that the crime was initially thought to be the handiwork of an outsider, butas the investigation progressed, they realized that Dangle was involved. Dangle tried to mislead the police at first but later confessed to the crime. The incident highlights the tragic consequences of debt and betrayal and the devastating effects they can have on even the closest of relationships.

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