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Crime Patrol: Teenage kidnapped, sold, married and raped many times (Episode 51 on 21Oct 2011)

The Inside Story

Police Arrest Three for Human Trafficking, Rescue 14-Year-Old Girl in Northeast Delhi

Three individuals have been arrested in Northeast Delhi for allegedly engaging in human trafficking and selling a 14-year-old girl for Rs 70,000 to individuals in Haryana. The victim was rescued by officials, who managed to trace the accused after interrogating suspects. The incident came to light after the girl's father reported her missing in July of this year.

According to police, the accused used to look for vulnerable girls at bus stands and railway stations, particularly those who had fled from their homes due to domestic abuse or employment issues. They would lure them with false promises and subsequently sell them in Haryana. In this case, the victim had gone to Khajuri Khas to meet a friend but lost her way and was lured away by one of the accused.

The accused, Randhir Singh, Aashiya, and Sanjeeda alias Savitri, have been arrested, and the victim has been rescued. Sanjeeda's husband, Jaipal, used to supply girls in Haryana before he was murdered five months ago. After his death, Sanjeeda took over the business. The incident underscores the need for greater awareness and action to combat human trafficking and protect vulnerable individuals.

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