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Crime Patrol: Man rapes minor all the way from Mumbai to Goa, (Episode 77 on 20 Jan 2012)

The Inside Story

14-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped and Raped by Neighbour in Mumbai, Maharashtra

A 14-year-old girl from Kandivli in Mumbai was abducted by her neighbour and his friend, who encashed her uncle's self-signed cheque and used the money to stay in several hotels, where she was repeatedly violated. The girl was rescued by Mumbai police officers from a hotel in Goa, where she had been held for a month.

The girl's kidnapper, Manish Khanulkar, aged 24, had travelled across Maharashtra with his accomplice Kalpesh Vinod Parmar, stopping in Pune, Shirdi, Konkan, and finally Goa. At each hotel they stayed, Khanulkar raped the victim. Both the kidnappers were arrested by Crime Branch officers, who also brought the girl back to Mumbai.

The victim, who was an orphan, used to live with her grandmother and uncle in Charkop, Kandivli. Khanulkar had been harassing the girl for a few months before he kidnapped her on October 11, 2014, when she was on her way to deposit a cheque worth Rs 1.65 lakh, which had been signed by her uncle. After seizing the opportunity, Khanulkar and Parmar abducted the girl, raped her repeatedly, and used the money to pay for their hotel stays.

The girl's uncle registered a missing person's complaint with the police after she went missing. The police obtained Khanulkar's mobile number, which they began tracing. They also got the transaction record from the bank where the kidnappers had withdrawn the money. The police tracked Khanulkar's mobile to Anjuna beach in Goa and arrested both the men. The victim was too scared to contact anybody as Khanulkar had threatened to kill her uncle and grandmother.

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