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Crime Patrol: Man drives across four states to dump wife's body

The Inside Story

Wife Strangled by Husband and Dumped in Uttar Pradesh

The gruesome murder of 24-year-old Nilam, who was strangled by her husband, Priyesh Singh (25), in Silvassa, Gujarat, unfolded into a shocking tale of greed and deceit. After the murder, Priyesh and his relatives embarked on a cross-country road trip in their Toyota Innova, making a pit stop in Thane, where they tried to bribe a doctor to make it seem like an accident. When he refused, they continued driving with the corpse until they reached Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh, where they abandoned the car and fled.

Road to perdition:
The woman's corpse was recovered from an abandoned Toyota Innova by the UP police in Jaunpur, three days after she was murdered in Silvassa.

Nilam's brother, Pradip Singh, registered a complaint with the Silvassa police on charges of dowry killing and kidnapping. The accused travelled to a hospital in Thane, where they tried to bribe a doctor into disposing of the body. After their plan failed, they continued their journey until they reached Jaunpur, where the police recovered the body from the abandoned vehicle. Priyesh was arrested in Silvassa, and he confessed to his crime. His parents and brother are also wanted in the case.

The tragic incident highlights the menace of dowry-related violence and the need for stricter laws and measures to protect women from such crimes. It also underscores the importance ofaccountability and punishment for those who commit such heinous acts. The police's swift action in arresting the accused and bringing them to justice is commendable. However, it is crucial to address the root causes of such crimes and create awareness to prevent them from happening in the first place.

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