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Crime Patrol: He Wrote In Blood To Mislead Cops, Finally Arrested In Murder Case (31 December 2017)

Auto Driver Arrested for Murder and Theft: Manager's Killing and Rs. 10 Lakh Robbery

Gautam Kumar Gaur was the auto driver of a private firm where the manager was killed and over Rs. 10 lakh was stolen. To mislead the police, the culprit had written a fictitious name on the wall of the company's office. The police collected handwriting samples and personal details of all the employees, and the writing on the wall matched with Gaur's handwriting. His footprints also matched those collected from the room on the day of the incident. The police recovered the stolen cash from his house. The accused had made detailed plans to kill the manager and had even made the CCTV dysfunctional before looting the cash. He had also tried to implicate some of his friends who were jailed with him that time by saying that two to three other persons were also involved in the killing. But raiding the houses of the people named by Gaur, it was found that they were still in jail. Gaur has been arrested for the murder and theft.
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