The office watchmen notice the main gate of the building and the door of the office open. He calls the office manager Rahul to know whether he has arrived in the office. Rahul tells him that he is still at his house and adds by telling that Accountant Vaibhav might have opened the door. The Watchmen calls Vaichab but he does not reply.Is Vaibhav dead? Watch this episode to find out.
  • Gautam Kumar Gaur, the company auto driver, is the prime accused
  • The culprit mislead the police by writing a fictitious name on the wall
  • Gautam Kumar Gaur's writing matched the writing on the office wall

Police have claimed to have solved a murder case by arresting a man who had allegedly killed the manager of a private firm and had written a fictitious name on the wall of the company's office to mislead the investigation.

Last month, Ashok Gupta, 55, was found stabbed to death at the office of the company and over Rs. 10 lakh was looted from a locker in the building. The word 'Vikas' was found written in Hindi with blood on a wall to confuse the police, said Senior Superintendent of Police RK Bhardwaj on Tuesday.

"We had this suspicion that someone from the firm had committed the crime. We asked all the employees to give a detailed information about themselves in their own handwriting and also mention their mobile numbers," the officer said. Gautam Kumar Gaur, 24, the company's auto driver, too gave details about himself in his own handwriting and had mentioned a wrong mobile number, Mr Bhardwaj said.

"The writing on the wall matched with that of Gaur. His footprint too matched with that collected from the room on the day of the incident," the SSP said, adding the Police looted cash was recovered from the accused's house.

The accused had made detailed plans to kill the manager and not to leave any evidence he used hand gloves to take away the CCTV DVR. He had even made the CCTV dysfunctional before looting the cash. After the incident the auto driver calmly carried on with his job, he said.

According to Mr Bhardwaj, the accused, who had already served a jail term for looting a shop in Nadesar in 2015, tried to implicate some of his friends who were jailed with him that time by saying that two to three other persons were also involved in the killing.

But raiding the houses of the people named by Gaur, it was found that they were still in jail. Gaur has been arrested, the SSP said.

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