ALWAR: The mystery of the body parts of a slain woman that appeared in various places in the city over a five-day period was solved by the police with the arrest of her 35-year-old husband, Yogesh Malhotra, from Hisar on Friday.

He was arrested for allegedly killing his 23-year-old second wife, Aarti Devi, and cutting her body into pieces and disposing it in various parts of the city.
Malhotra allegedly committed the crime on suspicion that his young wife was having an extramarital affair. After his first wife left him, the accused allegedly bought Aarti from Patna some time ago for Rs 25,000 and married her.
However, he became suspicious of her and allegedly set her on fire following a quarrel a week ago. He then cut her into pieces and disposed the body in various places to mislead the police.

After the murder, the body parts were kept in a refrigerator. These were taken on his motorbike and dumped in various places.

"We had recovered severed body parts from various parts of the city. For identifying the body, we had conducted a survey in the city. Later, we tracked her husband and arrested him from Hisar in Haryana," Alwar superintendent of police Rahul Prakash said.

After the police started the inquiry, they received information that a woman had gone missing from the Rang Bhariya area on Thursday evening. They went to Malhotra's house and inquired about his wife, but he deceived them by saying that she had gone for work and would return at night.

The accused then fled from the area taking his three-year-old daughter along. Later, the neighbours informed the police that he was seen frequently carrying bags on his motorbike. The accused was tracked through his mobile phone to Hisar by the police.

The accused allegedly told the police that he had killed her following suspicions of extramarital relations. They had quarreled frequently over it, and, eventually, he killed her.

Since he had seen how butchers skin goats, he removed her skin in a similar fashion and cut the body up. These were disposed over five days after the murder.

However, when the accused spoke to the media, he claimed that his wife had committed suicide by immolating herself.
He had doused the fire, but opted to cut her up and dispose the body fearing arrest.

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