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Crime Patro: Alwar’s psycho killer is a ‘jilted’ husband (Episode 769 - Case 12 /2017 on 17th Feb 2017)

Malhotra had suspected his young wife, Aarti, of having an affair. He had bought her from Patna for Rs. 25,000 and married her. After a quarrel, Malhotra had set her on fire, cut her into pieces, and stored her body parts in the refrigerator. He later disposed the body in various places. When the police started investigating, Malhotra tried to deceive them by saying that Aarti had gone for work. He fled with his three-year-old daughter and was tracked through his mobile phone to Hisar by the police.

Malhotra admitted to killing Aarti after they had quarreled over his suspicions of her having an affair. He had seen how butchers skin goats and had removed her skin in a similar fashion. The accused spoke to the media, claiming that Aarti had committed suicide by immolating herself.

The police found Aarti's body parts, and Malhotra was arrested from Hisar in Haryana. He had disposed of the body over five days after the murder. Malhotra's mistrust had led to the murder of his young wife, and he would now face the consequences of his actions.

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