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The sensational Vaibhav Saini (shown as Sunil Kohli) murder case has virtually turned upside down with the arrest of the accused doctor Avinash Gehlot (shown as Dr. Sudhir Tiwari).

The deceased Vaibhav Saini, who was being perceived as a victim so far, turned out to be blackmailer. The police arrested Dr Gehlot on Friday.

In his statement given to the police, Dr Gehlot said that Saini had had illicit relations with his wife and would blackmail him to extort money. Gehlot had also paid him about `1 lakh so far. “The doctor has accepted that he killed Vaibhav Saini. He told us that Saini had had illicit relations with his wife and now he had been blackmailing him by threatening to make public some pictures of his wife in compromising position,” said SSP Neeru Garg.

It may be recalled that Vaibhav Saini’s dead body was found lying on the roadside in suspicious circumstances on July 6 this year near Nanoor Kheda village under police station Raipur. He had a cannula inserted in his arm and on it was placed an empty syringe. Initially, it was seen as a suicide, but the ensuing police investigation revealed that it was murder. The police stumbled upon two mobile phone numbers, one of which had been used exclusively to call Saini. The police came to know through Saini’s girlfriend that he used to donate sperm for money. The existence of a suspicious doctor also came in the picture. The phone numbers were purchased on fake identity.

During the investigation, it came to light that Dr Avinash Gehlot used to live in Vaibhav Saini’s house on rent and he lived there for about two years. Then about one-and-a-half years back, he had an argument with Saini and vacated the house.

It emerged that Gehlot’s wife Shailaja (shown as Natasha) was very frank with Vaibhav and this caused rancour between him and Gehlot. Gehlot told the police that Saini had been blackmailing him since October last year and had extorted about `1 lakh from him in installments.

Fed up with this, Gehlot made a plan to kill Saini and took him in confidence by posing as a different person. He would supply him girls and would pay him for sperm donation. On July 5, Gehlot called Saini to Sahasdhara Crossing on the pretext of introducing him with a new girl. When he came, Gehlot met him in the make up of a Sikh and injected an overdose of diazepam into body which resulted in lowering Saini’s blood pressure. Then the doctor injected Nuvan into his body and threw him out of his car at Nanoor Kheda.

The police are also taking action against the nodal officer of Uninor, from which SIM cards were purchased on fake ID.

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