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Crime Patrol: Bhopal: Cop’s son kidnapped, rescued by police (Ep 868, 869 on 4, 5 Nov, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark)

Rescue Operation: Police Foil Kidnapping Attempt by Inter-State Trafficking Gang, Save Gaurav Sharma

Vipin Pandey, a taxi driver from Chhindwara, and Gudiya fell in love and planned to get married. But when Gudiya revealed her past, Vipin learned that her parents died when she was 15 and her uncle sold her to a brothel. He helped her escape and they fled to Bhopal, where they stayed with Vipin's cousin, Gaurav Sharma.

However, pimps from Gudiya's former brothel traced her to Bhopal and kidnapped Gaurav in broad daylight, mistaking him for Vipin. They planned to exchange him for Gudiya, but the police were able to apprehend all 14 traffickers, including four women, from Gwalior, Nagpur, and Rajasthan.

Gaurav's mother was injured during the scuffle, but the police were able to rescue Gaurav and arrest the kidnappers. The police said it was an inter-state gang of women traffickers who had come to Bhopal to take Gudiya back to the red-light district in Nagpur, but kidnapped Gaurav when they couldn't find her. The police successfully solved the kidnapping case and apprehended all the traffickers.
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