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Crime Patrol: Man found dead in his room, police suspect murder (Episode 107, 108 - 4th, 5th May 2012)

The Inside Story

Love, Money, and Murder: The Shocking Case of the Mumbai-Based Businessman

A Mumbai-based businessman was murdered in a rented apartment in Delhi by his live-in partner, Krishna, who used a plot from a Hindi detective serial to plan the murder. Krishna wanted to get rid of the deceased, Somnath Suverna, who often demanded money from her. She hired a contract killer, Rakesh Govind, from Mumbai for Rs. 15,000 to carry out the murder.

Arrests Made

Delhi Police have arrested Krishna and Rakesh Govind More for the murder. During the investigation, the police found that the room where the decomposed body of the man was found was rented out to one Raj Kumar. The identity proof given by Kumar turned out to be a fake PAN card. The police traced the number on the card and nabbed Krishna, who revealed that she had left her husband's place in Sadar Bazaar in old Delhi and shifted to Mumbai some time back. She had lived with the deceased during her stay in Mumbai and had a dispute with him over financial matters. She hatched a plan to kill Somnath by following one of the murder plots from a Hindi detective serial and hired Rakesh to carry out the murder.

Krishna and Somnath came to Delhi on June 8, and Rakesh had already rented the apartment. Krishna mixed sleeping

pills in Somnath's food and drinks and they strangled him to death. The murder came to light on June 12, when a resident of Mansa Road Park area informed the police about blood seeping from the doorway of his tenant's locked room. The police broke open the door and found the decomposed body of a man inside.

The police were able to solve the murder case by checking the call details of the property dealer who had dealt with the tenant. They found a Mumbai number that was active in Delhi during the time of the incident. On interrogation, Krishna admitted to planning and executing the murder with the help of Rakesh. The police have arrested both accused for the murder of Somnath Suverna.

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