65 year old Gangaram was brutally murdered in front of whole village just because he was having conversations with a group of people who belonged from a backward class. Gangaram was an open minded person who always believed that all people are equal and everyone has rights to live life as they want. Sarpanch threatens Gangaram to apologize but Gangaram strictly disagrees, there in the fields, Gangaram's employees forces him not fight with Sarpanch and Thakur as they are very strong but he avoids. Will Thakur's son get a severe punishment? What will be Cops next step?

Inside Story
In a shocking incident, an old man was strangled to death allegedly by the members of his community for having food at a feast organised by a Dalit family at a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Jaunpur district, about 225 km from here. Ironically the victim also belonged to ''kurmi'' (a backward community).

According to police sources here, 65-year-old Paras Nath Patel and his members of his family were invited by the dalit family to attend the wedding ceremony of a girl at Kuruthuwa village in the district on Wednesday last. The “kurmi” community to which Paras Nath belonged had decided not to attend the ceremony and have food with the dalits as they considered them “untouchables”.
Paras Nath, however, defied his community and his entire family had food with the dalits at the feast, which enraged the “kurmi” community of his village, sources said.

Irked over Paras Nath’s defiance, the “kurmi” community held a “panchayat” at the village on Thursday to deliberate on the matter and take action against Paras. The members of the panchayat wanted to expel Paras Nath from the community for defying the diktat.

The son of Paras, who was also present at the panchayat, alleged that the community members used expletives against Paras following which he had heated exchange of words with them.

Some members of the panchayat allegedly strangled Paras with a towel killing him on the spot. A case of murder has been registered against seven people, sources said. The culprits had been absconding.

Barely a few days ago, members of the “brahmin” community had refused to have food with dalits at a religious feast at a village in UP’s Maharajganj district.

Deccan Herald, 20 May 2011