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Crime Patrol: Gangster waved kundali at hostages before being shot (Episode 6 on 14th May 2011)

The Inside Story

Gangster Killed in High-Tension Hostage Drama in Mumbai

Location: Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Anand Ingle, a gangster who was Ravi Pujari's right-hand man, was gunned down by the police in a high-tension hostage drama that played out in Mumbai's Chembur area. Ingle had demanded Rs 25 lakh from city builder Vijay Bhatinja and threatened his family members with a .38 revolver and a knife. The police tried to negotiate with him, but he refused to give up and fired upon them. Ingle was killed in the exchange of fire.

Ingle's death has raised questions about the restlessness of Pujari's gang in recent weeks. The police suspect that Pujari could have pressurised Ingle to act foolhardy when it came to collecting ransom from Bhatinja. Ingle was previously arrested by the Oshiwara police for extortion but was out on bail. The incident highlights the dangers of gang violence and the need for better regulation of criminal activities. It also shows the bravery of the police in protecting the citizens and their role in maintaining law and order in the city.

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