Gangster Anant Javle had grudges with Vijay Bhatija a well known builder who lives with his family. He send Anant Javle to jail 1 year back, he came back to take revenge and made her 12 year old daughter Rupa Bhatija hostage. Bhatija informs Mumbai Police and sends force 1 to protect him. Anant Javle shoots his Brother Sameer Bhatija but he was not killed as Anant's aim was bad.
Mumbai police Force 1 reaches Bhatija's residence and warns him to surrender. Will Mumbai police's special batch FORCE 1 succeed in shooting Gangster Anant Javle? Will he kill Vijay Bhatija's daughter Rupa?

Inside Story
Just before the cops shot him, Ingle had said 
"Kundali madhe aaj maza maran aahe = My kundali says I will die today"

Yesterday's gunning down of Anand Ingle, gangster Ravi Pujari's right-hand-man, in a high-tension hostage drama, could be straight out of a Bollywood potboiler.

Moments before he was shot dead, Ingle had apparently waved his horoscope at the frightened hostages, and said, "Kundali madhe aaj mazha maran aahe (My kundali says I will die today)."

The incident also underscores the fact that the gang has gotten restive in the last few weeks.

Questions are being raised in police circles that Pujari could have pressurised Ingle to act foolhardy when it came to collecting ransom from Vijay Bhatinja, a city builder yesterday afternoon.

According to cops, the Bhatinja family had received an extortion call of Rs 40 lakh four months ago, which they ignored. So, in a bid to scare the family, Ingle, armed with a .38 revolver and a knife, gained entry to Bhatinjas sixth floor flat at the Kaveri Society in Chembur around 10.15 am yesterday.

Ingle bluffed the security personnel into believing that he was a telecom employee. He was soon allowed to enter the apartment. Once inside the apartment, he started hurling abuses at them, reminding the family about the threat.

The drama unfolds

"There were four family members and a maid in the flat. After a while, he asked the men of the house Bhatinja, his son, and his brother to get out of the house, and arrange for Rs 25 lakh. As soon as they were let out, Vijay informed his third brother, who in turn, notified the police," said Inspector Sanjay More, Chembur police station.

More reached the spot immediately with API Bhapkar and a team, and struck a conversation with the accused from outside the door.

"He started screaming that since he is going to die today, he will kill the hostages as well. We tried our best to negotiate with him," recalled More. While all this was happening, a team of Force One commandos had surrounded the building.

Meanwhile, Ingle had started threatening the family members, waving his weapons. "We heard a girl's scream, and kicked the door open. Ingle bolted inside the bedroom and locked it from inside.

We rushed after him, and as we forced the door open he fired upon us. Both of us ducked, and returned fire, killing him. We are happy that the family members are unhurt." Bhatinja's wife told this reporter, "If it wasn't for the policemen, we would be dead."

DCP Dilip Sawant (Zone VI) said, "Our officers did a good job of rescuing the family. Ingle was earlier arrested by Oshiwara police for extortion, but was out on bail. He was declared dead on admission at Rajawadi Hospital. "
Anita Sahani, a resident of the same building, said, "We didn't know what was happening. The building was surrounded by the police, and we were afraid if there were terrorists. It was only after an hour that we came to know that a gangster had been killed."

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