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Crime Patrol: Kidnapping Of Innocent Child Anmol Mehta (Episode 5 on 13 May 2011)


The Inside Story

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Missing Child Reunited with Parents: Successful Rescue Operation in Uttar Pradesh

Five-year-old Karnit Shah, who was kidnapped from his building compound in Kandivli two weeks ago, has been safely reunited with his parents. A special team from the Mumbai Police, led by Commissioner Arup Patnaik, traveled to Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, where they traced the boy to a village in the Handiya district on Wednesday morning. They executed a successful rescue operation, and Karnit was flown back to Mumbai unharmed in the evening.

Following the rescue, the police arrested five individuals in connection with the kidnapping. The suspects include two delivery boys, Sameer Usman Khan (22) and Sandeep Dattaram Boruse (30), who worked for a local cake shop owned by Sohan Singh Gupta (30). The other arrested individuals are milkman Lalji Yadav (30) and auto rickshaw driver Surjeet Singh Bindth (25). The accused had collaborated while working together in Kandivli, where they devised the plan to abduct Karnit.

This successful operation highlights the effective efforts of the Mumbai Police in ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens. The prompt action and coordination of the special squad led to the rescue of the kidnapped child and the apprehension of the suspects involved in the crime. Further investigations will be conducted to uncover additional details about the motive and circumstances surrounding the kidnapping.

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