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Crime Patrol: Mumbai suitcase murder: Victim's husband arrested (Episode 4 on 7 May 2011)

The Inside Story

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Pregnant Woman's Murder Case Solved: Arrests Made in Connection with Gruesome Crime

The railway police in Mumbai have made significant progress in solving the murder case of a young pregnant woman whose body was discovered stuffed in a suitcase at a railway station. The victim's doctor husband was apprehended in Madhya Pradesh, while her two brothers-in-law were arrested in the city. The body of the 24-year-old woman, identified as Rehmat from Bihar, was found with semen stains in the suitcase at Sandhurst Road railway station.

The arrested individuals include Tabrez Khan (21) and Abdul Hashib Khan (20), both brothers-in-law of the deceased, who were taken into custody on Friday night. The husband, who is interning at a civic-run hospital, was captured on Saturday. The investigation revealed that Rehmat and her husband, Parvez Khan, had an affair before their marriage in Delhi. However, Parvez later married another woman without Rehmat's knowledge.

Following the discovery of Parvez's second marriage, Rehmat confronted him, leading to a heated argument and his departure. In an attempt to locate her husband, Rehmat traveled to Delhi with Hashib, who eventually abandoned her there. After a month, Rehmat returned to Mumbra in early March, where she became the target of a murder plot devised by the trio. She was killed at an isolated location in Mumbra and her body was concealed in the suitcase before being abandoned in a local train.

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