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Crime Patrol: Surat woman plots husband's murder with ex's help, arrested (Episode 693 on 6th Aug, 2016)

Surat Police Solve Murder Mystery of Textile Mill Owner

The Surat police have arrested the wife and ex-lover of a textile mill owner who was found murdered in his home on Monday night. Dishit Jariwala, a 25-year-old textile weaving unit owner, was found dead at his home in the posh Parle Point area of the city. His wife, Velsee, and her ex-lover, Suketu, were arrested for the murder, and Suketu's driver was also taken into custody.

According to the police, Velsee had an affair with Suketu, and they planned to kill Dishit. Velsee met with Suketu on Monday morning and told him to kill Dishit in the evening, as there would be nobody at home except herself, her daughter, and Dishit. Suketu came to Velsee's home after 9 pm on Monday with his driver and killed Dishit. They tried to make it look like a robbery, but the police suspected an insider role in Dishit's murder.

Dishit lived with his wife, daughter, parents, brother, and uncle in a bungalow. His parents and uncle were on vacation in Mauritius when the murder occurred. The police found chili powder in the bungalow, and only Velsee's jewelry was stolen. The couple has a one-year-old daughter.

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