The deceased, a Mantralaya employee, had for long been forcing his niece to have sex with him; when she revealed this to her husband after marriage, the two hatched a plan and bludgeoned the uncle to death
The Dombivli police have arrested a woman and her husband for killing her uncle, who would allegedly threaten her into having sex with him.

According to the Vishnu Nagar police, the body of Santosh Shankar Pawar, a 40-year old Mantralaya employee, was discovered on July 9 near a playground at Anupam Nagari in Dombivli (West).

Rapist chacha: Santosh Shankar Pawar, the victim, would threaten his niece Prajakta into having sex with him; when this persisted even after her marriage, she told her husband, who roped in three friends and murdered the uncle. Pic/Navneet Barhate

Checking their records for missing people, they discovered that one Arjun Gangaram Shinde had reported recently that his uncle had gone missing.

“Arjun identified his uncle’s body, and revealed that he worked in Mantralaya at the co-operative bank,” said Rajendra Kulkarni, senior police inspector of Vishnu Nagar police station.

In course of investigating Pawar’s death, the cops questioned his relatives, to find out if he had acquired any enemies of late. They learnt from Arjun that Pawar was last seen with Prasad alias Goli Shashikant Bhoiyer, his niece Prajakta’s husband. Prajakta and Bhoiyer had been married just a month back.

The cops then summoned Bhoiyer to the police station. “After a while, Bhoiyer told us that he had married Prajakata a month ago. He noticed that Prajakta would always be mentally disturbed — she eventually revealed that her uncle, Pawar, had been forcing her to have sex with him. He had not stopped making his demands even after her marriage,” said Kulkarni.

This angered Bhoiyer, who, along with his friends Ashish Gadigoankar, Sanket Dalvi and Hemant Padhir, planned the murder – they took Pawar to the playground, smashed his head with a stone and fled the spot. The police have arrested Prajakta, Bhoiyer, and three accomplices on charges of kidnapping and murder.

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