Panchhi Gets Involved In Child Labor

Innocent Girl Panchhi residing in small Village Kupoi located in Dhanbad district, Jharkhand was happily living with her family which consists of Mother who works as a maid, Father who is ill and an elder Sister who takes care of their Parents and hut. On the other side in Delhi, Mr. Malhotra is looking out for a Girl who can work 24 hours in his house so he visits an agency, who provides maid to rich people and requests him to search a Girl whom they can rely on, but one fine day Ashwin, whose Sister was living in the same village meets Panchhi and also shows her big dreams of earning good money for her family and innocent Panchhi gets trapped in his plan as he was going to involve her in Child labor but her Mother who was unaware of Ashwin's plan doubts on him and also warns Panchhi not to meet him again thus, aspiring Panchhi leaves her hut without informing her family members in search of a good work along with Ashwin, there in Delhi, Panchhi gets convinced to work in Mr. Malhotra's house later, she comes to know that Ashwin dumped her so she requests Ms. Malhotra to allow her to go to her village, but she strictly denies and brutally beats her, there in the village, Panchhi's Mother observes Ashwin and rushes to meet him. Will Villagers succeed in trapping Ashwin? Will Panchhi's Mother succeed in finding her Daughter in Delhi?

Panchhi's Mother And NGO Workers Succeed In Finding Panchhi

Ashwin succeeds in escaping from Kupoi Village without providing Mr. Malhotra's address thus Panchhi's Mother and her Son decides to visit Delhi to search Panchhi and meets the agency guy who does not reveal any information about Panchhi to her Mother in spite of knowing it, but her Mother does not give up and threatens the agency guy to provide Mr. Malhotra's address later, Pancchi's Mother and his Son requests the security guard to allow them to meet Panchhi but the guard speaks lie as per Ms. Malhotra's order and explains them that there is no Panchhi working in this house, thus they come to know about an NGO agency who helps poor people and all of them file a complaint but Police takes their case lightly. NGO workers doesn't give up and request police to investigate but they were shocked to see his agency which was shut down. Panchhi fails to identify her Mother and Sister later, Panchhi breaks down into tears and identifies her Mother. Should Mr & Mrs. Malhotra be punished for their cruel behavior towards innocent Panchhi?

Inside story
New Delhi: Four people, including a woman, were arrested in Delhi for child trafficking and eight minor girls were rescued, police said on Tuesday.

"The accused were involved in trafficking minor girls from Assam, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh and placing them as domestic help in Delhi," Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime and Railways) Sanjay Kumar Jain said.

Ravinder Yadav, Pradeep Toppo, Vimal Kerketta and Babita - all residents of JJ Colony in Shakurpur in west Delhi - were arrested on June 23 during raids on their placement agencies.

The agencies had employed these eight girls as domestic help in the capital.

"Now the girls wanted to go home but the accused had detained them and withheld their earnings. Of the rescued girls, four belong to Assam, one from Chhattisgarh and three from Jharkhand," said Jain.

According to the official, a case under Juvenile Justice Act and Indian Penal Code was registered. Police are trying to contact the family members of these girls, said Jain.