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Crime Patrol: Woman, paramour arrested for murder of mother-in-law (Episode 184 on 30th Nov 2012)

The Inside Story

Woman Arrested for Killing Mother-in-Law

New Delhi, India - A 24-year-old woman, Poonam, was arrested for allegedly killing her 60-year-old mother-in-law in the Chhawla area. Poonam's school-time boyfriend, Sushil Kumar, and Sushil's brother-in-law, Deepak, were also arrested for carrying out the attack during the early hours of August 13th. The police recovered the weapons used in the attack, a knife, and a hockey stick.

Poonam confessed that her marriage was arranged against her will in 2008, but she continued to be in touch with her boyfriend, Sushil, who used to come to her residence when her in-laws were away. Krishna, her mother-in-law, had recently discovered their relationship and threatened to reveal it to her husband. Due to the threat, Poonam and Sushil decided to eliminate Krishna and carried out the attack on Monday.

Initially, it was believed that Krishna was stabbed to death and her husband was injured by three men who targeted their residence for burglary. But during the investigation, the police found that a family member might be involved in the case. Poonam was detained and interrogated, and she broke down when confronted with hard facts. A case has been lodged against Poonam, Sushil, and Deepak for murder, robbery, and causing hurt under sections 302, 392, and 394 of the Indian Penal Code.

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